AGM 17. May 2016 at Conny’s

Side, 18. May 2016

The second AGM 2016 meeting was held at Conny’s in good order. Ten homeowners were present and 13 homeowners were represented by proxies. That was the best attention ever. Thank you for your great interest in Arcadia’s wealth and future state.

Minutes of the meeting is ready for homeowner access here>> (login needed).

Photos from 17. May 2016 (click to enlarge):

Arcadia wide 17MAY16 Control Board elected 17MAY16 Mete happy Orcun AGM 2016 assembly AGM 2016 assembly-2 AGM 2016 assembly-3 AGM 2016 assembly-4 AGM 2016 assembly-5 AGM 2016 assembly-6 Arcadia 17MAY16


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