Don’t feed Stray Cats

Side, 19 November 2014

Wild Cats

Dear Arcadia Control Board

As a owner of apartment in Arcadia I am annoyed with all the stray cats in the garden and sometimes in my apartment. I know that I’m not speaking for myself but on behalf of many owners.

Right now there are about 10 wild cats in the Arcadia area.


The stray cats are:

  • Shitting on the lawn
  • Stealing food from the table at the terrace
  • Begging for food when you sit at the terrace
  • Running into the apartments and looking for food
  • Tearing out food from the dustbins (both inside apartments and in the garden)
  • Shitting inside the apartment (see attached pictures)

When I came to my apartment some days ago the cats had shipped all over my bed and I have to replace a top madras for a price, bed linnet and other things for about 650 TL. Have a look at the attached pictures. Also my apartment was stinking and I asked for an emergency cleaning and paid 125 TL.  Probably security had opened the doors for fresh air and closed it again without letting the cat out first.

I suggest that we get a company to remove the cats and don’t feed them in the future. I love animals, but they should not be in my bed. I’m not talking of animals with a master who is in control. I’m talking about the wild cats.

Best Regards

(Arcadia Home Owner)

Answer from Citrus Garden

I will copy the information I have got from the Management Board of Citrus Garden. After this emails I have heard from the Management board that there are no “new” cats or pets allowed, all cats and other pets must sterilized and registrered etc. etc. Some people have complaint about these rules (of course), but for sure, cats and pets will cause less trouble for all other people then before and will not be food anymore!


Dear owners, dear tenants and dear inhabitants of Citrus Garden,

The Management Team (MT) would like to draw your attention to the following issue.

In 2006 Mecitoglu completed the construction of the Citrus Garden project and delivered its apartments to the owners. On that occasion Mecitoglu established a Management Plan to be applied to Citrus Garden premises.

That Management Plan included a prohibition on keeping pets on the premises. However, Mecitoglu has never checked compliance with this prohibition, nor taken any corrective measures after indications, reports and complaints on pets being held and animals straying around on the Citrus Garden premises.

Currently, Citrus Garden inhabitants are faced with a strong increase of the number of animals present on the premises, including stray cats. This has a big impact on the hygienic situation on the premises, including flees, urine, excrements and vermin, which may cause diseases. 

Therefore, the MT is forced to stop and to reverse this development by applying effectively the prohibition included in the Management Plan as established by Mecitoglu in 2006.

This means that keeping pets will not be allowed anymore on the premises as of 01 November 2014.

The guards will be instructed to take measures should pets and other animals be observed on the Citrus Garden premises.

The MT is fully aware that pet owners will face difficulties due to the impact of this measure, and the MT is feeling sorry for the inconvenience caused. Therefore, the MT would like to point out that it is willing and prepared to help pet owners to deal with the consequences resulting from the measure. However, the final date of 01 November 2014 will be maintained. I

If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact the MT.

With kind regards,


I think this mail was loud and clear for all owners, tenants and inhabitants of Citrus Garden. It is a hard decision for those people who love their pets, but it is important that pets cause no troubles for other owners, tenants or inhabitants. In the construction of Citrus Garden it is there goal to have no cats. I think that will never be possible, but as less as possible with no troubles for other people is the max! I think that must be our goal!

I hope to hear from you, thanks for all and have a good trip to Side and a nice stay.

Best regards

(Home Owner of Citrus Garden)

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  1. Corry Van Eeden Petersman

    Whoever wrote this letter, we wholeheartedly agree with you. I am sick of seeing cat faeces on the grassed areas, which is hardly condusive to good health for children in the tourist season, when running around in bare feet. Unfortunately, the resident in apart B2 is now putting out two bowls of food every day and when she puts them down all the cats come running. The Tom cats continually whine under our window and noisy fights are common. I have repeatedly told Murat and Bayram to stop feeding them but they continue. It is up to the Board to ensure they comply with our rules,

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