El-cable problem at C-block

Side, 15. September 2015

Unfortunately we had serious El-power problems in the C-block during the last days.

The problem was examined and the measurements showed a weak point in the power cable digged into the ground and surrounded in cement. Some years ago the pavement at the back side of the C-block was repaired and the cable might have been damaged at that time.

First we tried to find the weak spot and get it repaired without any good results. So we had to establish a new 60 meter power cable from the shelter between C-block and D-block. Three technicians were working on the solution for the whole weekend, and finally the C-block got electricity again.

In the account statement you can see this post:

C Block new electricity system, tiling swimming pool, repair and repaint C Block entrance – 4.890 TL 

Unfortunately, this was not included in the base budget from start, and may create payment problems later this year. Right now many home owners have prepaid the base fee for the whole year and are not expected to pay more base fee during the next months. If we had collected the reserve fee of 60 TL/month we could draw the expenses from that account.

In the future we must be better prepared for this type of risks.

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