How to pay Electricity bills

Side 30. September 2014

Dear Owners,

Would like to draw your attention that due to the changes in electricity providing company of Antalya province some bank account that have direct debits have been affected.

We have been made aware that sometimes the direct payments fail. This is often because there is not enough money in the account, but can happen on other occasions and appear unexplained.

To avoid your power cut we strongly recommend:

  1. Please make sure that you have an automatic payment order by your bank and that you have sufficient funds in Turkish Lira account.
  2. Please follow up on your latest electricity bills from the Electricity Companies web site. (Unfortunately, it is impossible to pay with credit cards via their website) Here is the link

Step by step assistance for checking your bill online is provided in ANEX1 Electricity attached to this e-mail.

For your information Watchmen will keep all the original bills in the lodge of complex. Bill can be checked or collected by owner or the guest at the security lodge.

We  would like to remind you that Lotus M bears no responsibility in terms of payments of the electricity bills of your property.  Failure to pay your apartments electricity bill on a timely manner is completely at your own risk.

In case of power outages due to unpaid bills Lotus M is offering assistance in reconnecting electricity service for your property at an extra fee of 20 EUR.  This service would include:

  • paying outstandıng electricity bill on your behalf,
  • applying to electricity provider(CLK Akdeniz Elektrik) for reconnecting the service

If your would like to proceed with this service please contact us via e-mail

You may ignore this notice if you have an alternative payment method, such as you are living permanently in Turkey and you can organize the payment of the bills on your own, or you know someone who can pay the bills on your behalf in a timely manner.

Kind regards,

Lotus M Customer Care Department

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