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Side, 17. April 2015

Lotus M Website

We are pleased to announce a further improvement to our Website which will provide Homeowners with a number of new benefits.

Using the LOTUS M online customer care system www.lotusm.com.tr , you will be able to access your Management Fee Account, make on-line credit and debit payments and place orders from a menu of “other services” offered by our Company.

You are now able to book online your airport transfers, cleaning and laundry services and accesses to all important information under the Individual Services menu.

You can access the online customer care system using your existing Mecitoglu online password. If you encounter any difficulties while logging into the system please e-mail us via info@lotusm.com.tr

All important news items and information will be posted on the LOTUS M Website. Under the Main Menu link, you will be able to find  “Your Complex rules”, the facilities operating hours, opening and closing dates, as well as a “Help Section” with frequently asked questions.

Please note that in the LOTUS M online customer care system, you have two accounts under Account menu: 

  • Management services account;where you can monitor fees charged for site management and communal services. Please note this account is in Turkish Lira.
  • Individual service accountholds all records that are related to your individual property services and if you opted for the individual property management service.  Please note this account is in Euros.

If you wish to pay,  click on “Online Payment”, the drop down menu will appear enabling you to pay by debit or credit card. Please notice that maintenance fees account is in Turkish Lira, while individual services account (personal services) is in Euro. Please be aware that the online system may request an “OTP” (a one time password) which will be sent to your cell phone or other defined gadgets (“some banks are using it”) from your the bank as part of the secure transaction process.

Please note that some European banks restrict payments in Turkish Lira, therefore you may need to contact your bank to make sure that you have authorised payments in Turkish Lira.

If you have any questions about our Website or the on-line payment facilities available to you, please contact us via our website Contact Form or by email at info@lotusm.com.tr

We hope that by using the LOTUS M services and solutions, we can help you get the most from your apartment.

Kind regards,

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