News from Arcadia about Internet payments

Side, 10. February 2016

Some days ago you have received an e-mail from Mr. Ertek and Mr. Grant about unpaid internet bills.

The control Board has now investigated the situation together with our Property Manager and Mr. Ertek.


All Internet bills was paid on time by our Property Manager Mr. Mete Tanis, but the payments was not recognized at the Internet Company because different accounts.

Today we got this e-mail from out Internet provider:

Dear Arcadia Owner, 

Regarding WiFi system installation in Arcadia complex, the money was paid before by management to our company is registered into another place instead of Arcadia by mistake. It was mistake from mutual misunderstanding and miscommunication. Also final payment was made too.  Therefore there was a debt showing on our accounts. The mistake was corrected and Arcadia complex doesn’t owe any money to our company. Also, Plus Homes-SPM company doesn’t owe any money for any other place. 

Best Regards


Our conclusion: Good communication is the key to solving any problem. Everybody can make mistakes, but basically we are working with trust and with honest people, and we are happy to conclude that the situation has been solved to the satisfaction of everybody.

In the future, please address your concerns to the Control Board and not all Home Owners. We have a setup with a property management system and a Control Board to decide on a daily basis. And now we also have the Arcadia Homepage for fast comments and proper communications.

Best Regards, The Control Board

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